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- I currently need about 2 months to process an order -


Want to split the payment in two? Send me an email, with your desired order request, and I can make an invoice for half of the amount now, and then pay the rest of the amount once the knife is ready to ship out. 

Go to the Contact Formula, or send me an email to info@hvedegaardknives.com

- Made to Order - 


This Tanto is designed for your everyday tasks. The compact design makes it versatile and subtle, but with very nice handling and cutting abilities.


The Tanto is made in Rwl 34 stainless steel, and it is a tapered fulltang. The tang is tapered to get the balance further towards the tip of the blade. And it makes the visual lines of the knife, much more pleasing to the eye, when you look at it from above. The finish on the blade, is a fine handsanded satin finish.

The handle materials used is, brass liner, brass Corby rivets, and black canvas micarta. (customization is an option, contact me through here, in between the pictures you can see a few customized Tanto knives)



Overall length:   20 cm   (7.8 in)

Handle:   11 cm   (4.3 in)

Blade:   9 cm   (3.5 in)

Blade thickness:   3.5 mm



All knives has a kydex sheath, which fits the knife so that the knife stays secure and safe, when stored and carried. The standard kydex color is black, but other colors and designs are also an option. In case of special requests please contact me, and we will seek for a suitable solution. There’s a makers mark on all blades, either it’s stamped or etched.

Every picture is of a previous made blade and as every knife is handmade, not one knife is the exact same. This gives every knife a unique touch and meaning to the specific person. Except for some of the materials, every knife is made and designed in Denmark, where I seek to live up to the great reputation of Danish made goods.

For any questions just send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.