Mini Pocket Prybar

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 Brass or Copper Mini Pocket Prybar.


Are you looking for a new versatile multitool to fit in your EDC collection. This elegant prybar aka crowbar in brass or copper, will fit into any EDC collection out there. With a long list of usable tools incoperated this tool must be apart of your collection. It is designed and made by Mikkel Hvedegaard a young knife maker from Denmark. The multitool is made 100% by hand, and is therefor a very unique multitool. Only a limited amount will be availbe as they take up much of the shop time for Mikkel, therefor grab one while they are available!

The original Mini Pocket prybar, before my knife journey began. This was my introduction into the whole handmade world. And now I am bringing back the original design I made. Made this design when I was about 15 years old, and made a few in steel. It was a limited run, and only about 10 was made back then. Now this model, is going to be made in brass and a few in copper.

The prybar is a multitool, and can be used for many tasks, only the imagination sets the limits. It is designed with a beer bottle opener, flat head screw driver, prybar, scibe, package opener. 

Brass will develop a beautiful patina over time, the more you carry it, the more patina will develop. The finish on the Mini Pocket Prybar is a satin sanded finish on all flats and bevels. Edges has been chamfered for a comfortable feel in hand. And the two sides of the prybar has precision milled jimping to ensure a strong grip.

The Prybar can be carried on your keyring witht the 6mm drilled hole.


Length: 80mm   (3.1 in)

Width: 25mm   (1 in)

Thickness Copper: 4mm  (0.16 in)

Thickness Brass: 5mm   (0.19 in)


Go grab one, only a limited amout will be made.


Send me an email if you have any questions, or for custom requests