Mini Leather strop - Double sided - Lanyard tube

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 NOW, 1 leather strop in desert ironwood is in stock, only one available!


  • Lenght: 100mm (3.9 in)
  • Width: 25mm (0.98 in)
  • Thickness: 20mm (0.78 in)


The mini leather strop is featured with leather on both sides, one coarse (inside of the leather) and a fine (outside of the leather). This way you can really make your knife hair popping sharp!

The mini strops does not come with compound paste.

Variations: I currently have three different woods as base on the mini leather strop.

  • Walnut
  • Purpleheart
  • Birch
  • (NEW) Bog Oak

Select the specific leather strop you want from the dropdown menu.

Send me an email if you have a question, or for custom leather strops!