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Leather keyhanger, with brass pins and a tough brass carabiner. The keyhanger is available in four different length variations "Grande", "Original", "Small", and "Extra Small".  You can pick your size in from the dropdown menu above.

The "Original" Should fit most carried around the neck, using a leather strip of 100cm (39 inches) to create the keyhanger.

The "Grande" Is made for those who wants a longer keyhanger, or to use it for other purposes. Made from a strip of 120cm (47 inches).

The "Small" is made from a 90cm strip (35 inches).

The "Extra Small" is made to be carried in your pocket. Made from a 50cm (19 inches).


Story time: (Does anybody read this?)

Came up with the need for this keyhanger, while I was out shopping for groceries. I always tend to place my keys in the pocket that is on the same side as I am carrying groceries and stuff. ( I can't be the only one with this issue, right?) Super annoyed by this, I first tried to combat this by mentally always trying to remeber that I had to reach for my keys, it failed big time, and everything was as it used to be. Haha, then I had to find antoher way. Then one time I was out shopping I saw a guy wearing his keys in a key hanger around his neck. And now the rest is history, now I can always get to the keys easily.


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