Hot Sauce belt Holder

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Only a limited amount made.


Made to fit onto you belt with the two belt slots cut on the back (see pictures) Made to carry a 148mL bottle (5 fl oz).

You can choose different colors, see pictures.


You've probably seen this on my instagram profile, and that is why you are here. What do you need to know? Still having doubts? Picture this. Ever been out on a picnic of any kind, and that sandwich just needs a little flavour, and you've forgotten the Hot sauce at home. With the belt attached Hot Sauce holder, this issue is bygone. Just carry the holder and you'll always have quick and easy access to whatever flavor Hot Sauce you're into (I am not judgmental) and BAM there you have it, a sandwich you can now enjoy.




If you have any questions about the Hot Sauce holder, send me a message and I will get to you as soon as possible.

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