Firesteel - Firestarter - Ferro rod

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Watch the video at the bottom, to see how it sparks!

Limited amount will be made.


2 Zebrano wood handles are now available!


Firesteel with a ferro rod of 8 mm thickness. A handle in beautiful dark walnut or some stunning curly birch. Every firesteel comes with a lanyard tube to fit a lanyard to your firesteel.

The handle is shaped for optimal grip, and comfort when striking the ferro rod. The shape and finish on the wooden handle, makes fire starting much easier



Ferro Rod Thickness: 8mm (0.31 in)

Rod Lentgth: 65mm (2.56 in)

Handle Thickness: 25mm (1 in)

Handle Length: 60mm (2.34 in)

Total Length: 125mm (4.9 in)


Every firesteel is made in hand by me. No two firesteels are the same, slight variations in measurements may occur. 


Send me an email if you have a question, or for custom firesteel!


Video shot by Thomas @dk_thomas_outside   find him on instagram