One of a kind Hunting Knife - Deep Blue Hybrid scales

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Looking into the handle of this beautiful knife, made for the outdoor, You will find your self standing with bare feet on beach looking out into the waves of the deep blue sea that is infront of you. Think about the first slice this knife will make, how it will feel. You sure will remember it.


This is a one of kind, in other words, you won't find any knife like it. With the slim blade, and a high-flat-grind this knife is a born slicer, anything from thin phonebook paper to the deer you just got, or whittling on a stick you found in the woods around the bonfire while listening to the fire crackle in front of you.

The handle is made of stabilized wood with a deep blue resin with with a light touch of light shades to create a very beautiful play within the blue dyed resin. It is made by a Dutch Knifemaker. The handle is shaped for great comfort.

The leather sheath is shaped to fit the knife, to ensure the knife will stay securely in the sheath when it is stored and carried. The sheath is dyed dark brown/black.

Will be a great outdoor companion, for hunting, bushcrafting, or any other gear freak.



Blade Length: 95mm (3.74 in)

Blade Height: 25mm (0,98 in)

Handle Length: 118mm (4.65 in)

Handle Thickness: 17-23mm (0.67-0.9 in)

Blade Thickness: 4mm

Sheath Carry: Right side



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