Bushcrafter v1 in D2 steel - Sicilian Olive wood

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Overall length:   22 cm   (8.6 in)

Handle:   11,5 cm   (4.5in)

Blade:   10,5 cm   (4.1 in)

Blade thickness:   3.4 mm

Handle Thickness*:   22 mm (0.86in)


* Handle Thickness is measured at the widest part of the handle


 D2 tool Steel, what is this?

- D2 tool steel is used in a great variaty of tools, in many industries and has been around for many years. The qualities of D2 tool steel, is a tough edge and great wear resistance, this steel can take a beating. D2 steel is a High Carbon and High Chromium steel, and the special mix of the two makes this steel great in corrosion resistance, even though it is a high carbon steel.


This knife is made 100 percent by me, Mikkel Hvedegaard. A 23 year old knifemaker based in Denmark, just south of the city of Aarhus. 

If you have any qustions about this knife, don't hesitate to send me an email info@hvedegaardknives.com head over to the Contact Formula or send me a message on one of the social media profiles. Instagram, facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more