VAT - What is VAT

Value Added Tax, or short VAT. Only applies to citizens inside the European Union. It is set after the State Tax, and in Denmark it is 25%. In Denmark it is known as MOMS.

What does this mean? -  If you live inside the EU, and you purchase an item listed at for example $100 USD, the total amount is $125 USD. Due to the VAT (25%) will be added to the price upon completing your purchase.


I don't live inside the EU, what now? - If you live outside the EU, this does not apply to you. There is no VAT on the purchase, but your purchase will have to clear customs once it gets shipped and arrive to your country.


What is the total amount of my order? - You will be able to see the total price, with VAT after you've entered your shipping details in Checkout. As the VAT is automatically added to your order, if you live inside the EU.



If you have any questions regarding VAT, send an email to