When you purchase a product from my webshop. You will at checkout get several shipping options to choose from. Below I have specified what options you have.


Premium Shipping w/track&trace

- This shipment is shipped with DHL worldwide express, and will in most cases be delivered within 2-3 weekdays. You will be notified via sms or email on your parcel and when the delivery is expected. +you will have several delivery options supported by DHL, with their premium service level worldwide service.

- Orders above $500usd will have a Free Shipping option, for Premium Shipping.

- For premium shipping, please attach a phonenumber at checkout.


Standard Shipping w/track&trace

- This shipment will be shipped via the National Postal Service. Here in Denmark, I will deliver the parcel over to Postnord, and from there it is shipped to you via you own National Postal service. You can expect this shipment to be delivered from 6-12 weekdays.


Standard Shipping no/track&trace

- Shipping  as regular mail, via the National Postal Service. No track and trace number is available. I only recommend this option if you have purchased a small item in my shop. Knives shipped with this option, will not be refunded if lost. Delivery time is 5+ weekdays.