Custom Knives

A Custom knife I made for a guy, quick video of me showing the knife, and slicing thin note paper.

Do you have a specific knife in mind already, or would you like a knife with your personal touch to it?

It is now possible to get your own custom made knife here. Whether it's some special materials, or that one design that you've come up with. Go to Contact or send me an email to:

Describe as good as you can what you have in mind and if it's a design, send a quick drawing with some notes on it. This way it is easier to fully understand the project.

I will seek to get back to you as soon as possible!


Want to stay tuned in on some of my custom projects? Find my page on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or reddit. the handle on all platform is @hvedegaardknives  You can find a direct link for most at the bottom of the website.