About Me


Hvedegaard Knives is located in Denmark, in central Jutland, where there is lots of nature to explore. Nature is the number one inspiration source to my designs and material combinations. Trying to live up to the Danish standards in Design and Crafts, is a must! And to take the expectancy of Danish made goods, to a new higher level is the ultimate goal.

Picture of me, Mikkel Hvedegaard in the shop leaning on my drillpress station. I am a custom knifemaker


A little about me personally

I am 23 years old, I have been making knives for some years know (don't know exactly when I started), and I'm trying to grow within the knife community. I love making knives, and it is what I put all my energi and effort into. And I want to say big THANKS to everyone who is supporting me, and the knifemaking journey I'm on it really means a lot! THANK YOU

Knifemaking started out as a small time hobby, this has now grown into Hvedegaard Knives, started with friends asking for a knife, and later on through Instagram and other social media and the World Wide Web to requests from all over the globe.


To stay fully updated on current projects please got to my instagram page for daily posts @hvedegaardknives. Now also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Go check it out!

"Being able to create an object that I adore and which people that don't know me, also adores, is an incredible feeling. This will always be one of the main reasons why I'll make knives." - Mikkel Hvedegaard


Here is a video of how I work in the shop: