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- I currently need about 2 months to process an order - 


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- Made to Order - 

The Woodsman, the one companion out in the woods, you have been searching for. Search no more, it is here!


Overall Length:   23 cm   (9 in)

Handle Length:   12,5 cm   (4.9 in)

Handle Thickness: 2,5 cm   (1 in)

Blade Length:   10,5 cm   (4.1 in)

Blade Thickness:   4 mm

The Woodsman is made in O1 Tool Steel, also known as the original tool steel, some say its formula dates back to 1905. So you can tell it is a very tried and tested steel., that is still in production. It is a high carbon steel, which over time will develop a beautiful patina. The distinctive dark finish on the flats of the blade, is due to the special way the knife is heat treated. Left over oil from quenching is wiped of the blade before tempering, leaving only a thin coat of oil before it is put back in the oven for the tempering cycle. Inside the oven, the thin coat of oil burns onto the blade, creating a strong surface with better corrosion resistance.

Two variations are available right now. One in beautiful Turkish Walnut, matched with purple liners. And the other is in stunning Zebrano wood, matched with green liners at the tang. Both varitaions comes with 3 precision Corby screws, and a lanyard tube in brass.

 It comes in a nice leather sheath, dyed light brown (tan).


Video, how it is made!


Pt.2 of how it is made: 

 Pt.3 of how it is made: Coming soon. 


For any questions or requests for customizations, send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Go to the Contact Formula, or send me an email to info@hvedegaardknives.com