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 The current waiting time for a - Made to Order - is 2 months


Want to split the payment in two? Send me an email, with your desired order request, and I can make an invoice for half of the amount now, and then pay the rest of the amount once the knife is ready to ship out. 

Go to the Contact Formula, or send me an email to info@hvedegaardknives.com


 I have 1 LIJA ready to ship out within 2 days. Check it out here

- Made to Order - 



The LIJA, a small skinner designed for skinning game.

The LIJA is designed for hunting, but is also very suitable for your EDC or the outdoor life. 

The blade is 70mm (2.8 inch) long and with the wide belly, the knife is ideal for skinning game. The handle is 105mm (4.1 inch) long.

The steel used is RWl-34, a stainless steel that is fairly easy to sharpen even when out and about. The bevels and flats are handsanded to a nice satin finish.



Overall length:   175 mm   (6.9 in)

Handle:   105 mm   (4.1in)

Blade:   70 mm   (2.8 in)

Blade height : 35 mm   (1.4 in)

Blade thickness:   3,8 mm



When ordering you can choose to get a kydex or a leather sheath with the knife.

The knives pictured is of previous made knives, and they are only shown as reference.

For any questions just send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.