Mini Cleaver X Turkish walnut

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Overall length:   180 mm   (7 in)

Handle:   100 mm   (3.9 in)

Blade:   80 mm   (3.1 in)

Blade thickness:   4 mm


This mini cleaver is made in high quality steel forged in Sweden, it is called RWL34 a stainless steel. In my shop the steel has been grinded, heat treated, and finished to about 60 HRC, which is a nice hardness for RWL34. Great edge retention and easy to resharpen and do touchups on. 



The handle on this mini cleaver X is made in beautifully figured turkish walnut. Matched with a blue liner at each side of the tang. The pins in the handle is three brass corby screws and a brass lanyard tube. 


The sheath is made in high quality leather dyed brown, with blue stitching to match the handle scales and liners. Made to be carried on the right hip side.


If you have any qustions about this knife, don't hesitate to send me an email head over to the Contact Formula or send me a message on one of the social media profiles. Instagram, facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. @hvedegaardknives

Thank you for looking - Mikkel Hvedegaard