Limited handmade accessories, made by Mikkel Hvedegaard. Tools here are made for your Every Day Carry and everything is made by hand. Therefor only a set amount can be made, while also busy making knives. 

With catagories as Knife Care, or EDC the accessories is designed to solve tasks you might run into during your day. Does your knife has to be super sharp for a special cutting task, use the mini leather strop, which fits into your pocket. Or do you have to pry open a can of paint, use the mini pocket prybar instead of using the tip of your knife. Use the right tools for the right job. 

Other than handmade knives, handmade tools for EDC have always been a part of Mikkel's life, and the prybar was the whole begining of the long knifemaking journey he is on.

If you are loooking at a sold out item, hit me up Mikkel Hvedegaard at I can help you with your question and I will get to you ASAP.