How to keep your Hunting Knife Sharp

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How to keep your Hunting Knife Sharp

"A dull knife is more dangerous than a shaving sharp knife" - Unknown

You know it, and it is true. A dull knife is not very fun to use, and it can so easily turn into a real messy situation when it slips and cuts up your thumb. 

What is the best way to sharpen a knife? There is no "best way" for everyone, some like it fast and somewhat sharp, others prefer a polished, hair poppin', leg shavingly sharp knife. Me? some where in between.


Pro-tip: bring a small leather strop with you at all times, really comes in handy and you can get them in pocket sizes.


Alright here we go: (no product placement, only sharing my experiences)

I can recommend two ways to sharpen your hunting knife(or any other knife). The first is probably the easiest, get a sharpening kit like "Lansky system", or one of the many other look-a-like brands out there. In the end they are all the same, with the same result. The "Lansky Sharpening system" is very versatile and you have close to zero chance of messing up the edge on your precious knife. Real simple, and it gets the job done. Plus it comes in a decent box, to bring it with you.

The second way I'd recommend is with water/oil stones. Here you have a bigger chance of making mistakes, but once you get the feel of the grind, it gets real zen and a sense of meditation (or is that just me?..) Here you can go anywhere from 400-grit stones to 12000-grit, do as you like. I prefer to go up to 1200-grit for hunting knives, and for kitchen knives i go a little higher up to 4000-grit. These stones are not as mobile as most sharpening systems, as you often only have one or two grit sizes per stone, and they tend to weigh a little.

In the end I always use a strop, to knock off that last stubborn burr. 

Thank you for reading along, let me know if there are any subjects you want me to touch on. Thanks! 

- Mikkel Hvedegaard