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Made by hand, inspected by eye, every knife is unique

News from the Shop

New shop, malling, Hvedegaard Knives

Work, work and work

Been busy as always. This time it has been moving the shop, that has been on my shcedule. But now I will begin on making knives again! Yay!
Custom handmade knife, tanto, made in Denmark, Hvedegaard Knives

Latest work out the shop

Some of my latest work

Check out some of the latest knives, I have created in my small workshop. Here are 6 of the most recent knives, and they are all very different. Have a blast!

I’ve got a new shop!

A new step

I have signed to move into a new shop, read more about it and what it means for my customers here.


Knives made in October 2018

This is the first monthly lookbook. Every month I will look back on some of my work of the previous month. Read along, and give me some feedback I'd really appreciate it.