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Work, work and work

Been busy as always. This time it has been moving the shop, that has been on my shcedule. But now I will begin on making knives again! Yay!

Took me a little over two weeks to be properly set in the new shop.
The new shop is located, 15 minutes drive south of Aarhus, just outside a small town called Malling. It is a former farmhouse, and the owner of the property lives there. I got a small section of one of the stables. The shop has been insulated, so staying here in the upcoming cold months should not be a problem.

While the shop now is functional for knifemaking, there is still some improvements that will take place in the following months. One of the major improvements, will be a wall to create a separate room for the grinder, where most of the nasty grinding dust comes from. Also installing proper ventilation. But this will all have to wait a little, while I will have to focus on making knives again. As orders are waiting to be finished and shipped out.
New shop, Malling, Hvedegaard KnivesDrill press station, new shop, Hvedegaard Knives, MallingMill, New shop, Malling, Hvedegaard Knives


Today, I will begin work on a rather big knife project for some awesome dudes! That is all I can tell you guys for now, but man, I sure am excited about this..
Prototype for a big knife project, Hvedegaard Knives, Tanto


Thank you for tuning in! - Mikkel Hvedegaard