Week 9 of 2020

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Week 9 of 2020

Here is a little update from the shop

Working on a bunch of orders, including some Bushcrafter v1's, a JGT II blade, and a Tanto. Soon glueup on a couple of the bushcrafters will happen, so you will see some pictures very soon.

Also working on a custom job for an acquaintance, who's son will be gifted with a chefs knife. Do to delivery time, the customer asked if i could just put a handle on a chefs knifeblade that they had chosen. The handle is going to be in bog oak, passed onto the customer when the father in law passed, so this knife will have a lot of sentimental value. Truly honored to be trusted on a job like this, but at the same time I go very carefully at the big chunk of bog oak, as I don't want to use more than nessesary. So that the customer can have as much of the wood back as possible.

Along side with all that, I am also working on a couple of side projects. A few blades that has been hanging in the shop for quite some time now. And also a blade in Damasteel with a new design, and so far it is going to be good. Next up, is to heattreat the blade and grind the bevels. These knives will be posted here on my website once up for sale, once they are done. So stay tuned in.

With all that shop time going on, I also have a few meetings planned. Really excited to see the end result, but for now, I can't tell anything ;)


Thanks for reading!

- Mikkel Hvedegaard