Today was a 17 hour work day! Here is a summary of what I worked on.

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Today was a 17 hour work day! Here is a summary of what I worked on.

First I got up early at 5.30am, made a cup of coffee and sat down to check up on all the social media, replied to emails and so on. After a couple of hours of that, I got dressed for the shop. Had made a whole list of projects in the shop. And headed to the shop.

The shop is located about 25 minutes in car, so put on the Gary Vee podcast and drove off. 

Hit the shop made a cup of coffee, and got busy. Started with a custom bushcrafter, where the customer requested a longer handle 13cm (5.1in), the handle had been glued onto the tang a couple of days ago. And was now ready for grinding and sanding the shape of the handle. But first that cup of coffee!


Handmade Bushcraft knife - Made in Denmark - Hvedegaard Knives - Friluftskniv

Here you can see the same bushcrafter, this is in the middle of the shaping process.


Custom bushcraft knife oiled up - Made in Denmark - Hvedegaard Knives - Walnut knife handle

Here is the custom bushcrafter with the first coat of danish-oil. Beautiful grain in this piece.


Two bushcraft knife blades - Pre-grinding- Scandigrind - Made in Denmark

While the first bushcrafter was oiled up, I began preparing these two "Bushcrafter v1's" You can see the blue layout fluid and the scribe lines for guidance. The blades had been profiled, drilled, and hardened a couple of weeks ago.


Bushcrafters in the works - Frilufts knive - Made In Denmark - Hvedegaard Knives

Once the two new bushcrafters had been ground, I was ready to begin handle work. Both of these are going to have yellow scales with a twist.


Two bushcraft knives with yellow and black handles - Made in Denmark - Frilufts kniv

Here you can see the two bushcrafters. One has a carbonfiber inlay, and the other is without. Both have black liners. The corby screws are stainless steel, same for the lanyard tube. Didn't get further with this build today, but tomorrow I will glueup these two!


Dessert Iron Wood handle scales - Custom Bushcrafter - Made in Denmark

Just before I called it for the day. I prepared this set of handle scales with a thin red liner. Excited to see how it will end up, but I have a really good feeling about this.


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- Mikkel Hvedegaard