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News from the Shop

Hunting knife or collectors blade, working on this special knife

Hunting knife or collectors blade, working on this special knife

What do you think of this knife? Let me know. It will be up for sale here on my website once I get it done. Send me an email to be notified: info@...
Mini double sided leather strop - Matching knife handle scales and lanyard tube - Hvedegaard Knives - Mini læder strop - Walnut wood scales - valnøddetræ

Mini leather strops double sided - Coming soon

The first mini double sided leather strops has been made. Check out the pictures below.   The idea is to have a mini leather strop for general purp...

Thougts... Should I make some leather strops and put them up for sale? Let me know what you think.

For a while I have thougt about expanding my product range. One of the products I have thought about is Leather Strops, they are so great, and I us...
New design - Damasteel knife - Zebrano handle - Made in Denmark - Handmade Knife

Week 9 of 2020

Here is a little update from the shop Working on a bunch of orders, including some Bushcrafter v1's, a JGT II blade, and a Tanto. Soon glueup on a ...
Knives and coffee - A perfect combo for the tactical or the outdoor

Today was a 17 hour work day! Here is a summary of what I worked on.

First I got up early at 5.30am, made a cup of coffee and sat down to check up on all the social media, replied to emails and so on. After a couple ...
Handmade Hunting knives - Made in Denmark

Knives and coffee. The day always starts like this!

(taking a sip of coffee) Ahh Old picture - A JGT II in the making Well lets get to it. Today the plan is to make knives like a maniac. I've had a ...
What makes a good knife?

What makes a good knife?

What makes a good knife?.. Well there is a lot of guides on the web to select the best knife. But really, what makes a good knife?   A knife has to...
- Made in Denmark - Hvedegaard Knives - Dansk knivmager

Working while taking a break from the shop

Today, I had the day all planned out, but that all changed when I got in the shop. At first the weather was terrible, so I had planned to just stay...

Grinding and handsanding, some more grinding and handsanding

Had an entire week pulled from my schedule, as I caught a flu. Back on my feet, and trying to catch up on the lost hours.  Progress on the big tant...
Custom hunting knife, with hunters green canvas micarta, made in denmark, hvedegaard knives

Shop update!

Update from the shop!Been a while, again, since I've shared anything on here... here we go!Got an order this fall for 26 tantos, and I have been ma...
Small hunting knife, handmade, made in denmark, Hvedegaard Knives

Introducing the LIJA

An intro to the new small hunting knife the LIJA.

Read more about it, and if you'd like let me know what you think!


Thank you for your support!

New shop, malling, Hvedegaard Knives

Work, work and work

Been busy as always. This time it has been moving the shop, that has been on my shcedule. But now I will begin on making knives again! Yay!