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Shop update!

Update from the shop!

Been a while, again, since I've shared anything on here... here we go!

Got an order this fall for 26 tantos, and I have been mainly focused on getting this one done. I have completet 10 blades so far, still some work to do, but it is getting there. This is a custom order some really awesome guys here in Denmark, the world would not be the same without them. 

I am only going to make the blades, and then they want to put the handle on by themselves, so it is all metal work for me. But still a challenge to run production this way, never done anything in the same scale. It has pushed me to some new and better ways to work. BIG WIN!

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While I have been working on the large order, I have also worked on other knives, such as a couple of bushcrafters and a couple of hunting knives.
Soon, I will have two custom knives ship out, one is a bushcrafter and the other is a hunting knife. (BILLEDE af de to knive)

Custom hunting knife, made in denmark, hvedegaard knives Custom bushcrafter, made in denmark, hvedegaard knives
Both are made in RWL34 stainless steel, and both are for danish customers! The bushcrafter is with a high-flat-grind, bog oak, green liners, and brass screws. 

The hunting knife, is also with a high-flat-grind, but with a swedge at the top, to make it more ideal for hog-hunting. The handle is with Hunters Green Canvas Micarta, green liners and steel screws 

Other than that a couple of Bushcrafter v1's, here one is with a traditional scandi-grind, and the other is with a hig-flat-grind.

Stay tuned in for another update!

Do you have a question about a knife? send me a message, lets talk!

- Mikkel Hvedegaard