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Knives made in October 2018

Here is some of the knives that I have made back in October. I will try to make a blog-post like this, with some of the knives made in the previous month. This way, I can keep you all updatet on my work every month. The knives postet will mostely be custom orders, some are just my own desire to create a special knife and might be up for grabs.

Please, if you see a knife you want to know more about, send me an email or hit me up on Instagram. To stay updated every day on WIP, work in progress, posts and much more follow me on Instagram @hvedegaardknives. 

Anyway here we go. This is my first blog post, so please bear with me. Thanks..


Edc Tanto Knife Whiskey and Coffee

This one I made in the beginning of the month, it's a tanto style blade with a very comfortable handle. I had an urge to do sketches and this one came thereoff. I focused completely on this build and was able to sketch, make, and finish it all up within a couple of days. Really nice knife, and it has some really interesting design lines. I am definately going to make more knives with this concept!!

It is made in RWL 34 steel hardened to approx. 61 HRC The handle consists of a tapered fulltang, black and white lineres, G10 scales in black/grey, and stainless steel Corby rivets. This is an excellent edc knife, not to big but still very versatile.


Overall length: 19,5 cm   (7.6 in)

Handle: 11 cm   (4.3 in)

Blade: 8.5 cm   (3.3 in)



Edc knives whiskey, Made in Denmark Hvedegaard Knives

Now these two knives, where both dedicated towards updating my website. This model I call "JGT II" (2) As it is the version #2 of the JGT, a design I made to create a versatile knife, that could be used as a hunting, bushcraft, or as an EDC knife. This was to target a larger audience. The new redesign is to create a knife that can compete with other custom knifemakers. I kept the design minimalistic and I tried to incoorperate some new design features that I find very pleasing to the eye. 

Both of the JGT II's got a lot of positive attention on my Instagram and I feel very comfortable to outfase the old model.

They are made of RWL 34 hardened to approx. 61 HRC, fulltang knife. The handle on the first one, consists of a  red liners, black canvas micarta with brass Corby rivets. The other knife, consists of white liners hunters green canvas micart.a with stainless steel Corby rivets.


Overall length:   19 cm   (7.4 in)

Handle:   10,5 cm   (4.1 in)

Blade:   8,5   (3.3 in)



Thank you for reading along, I would appreciate any feedback... Good and bad...