Knife making materials

Knife making materials

In all my time making knives, from when I first started out till today. I have been looking for a place where most of my materials, tools, and accessories can be bought from 1 place. Simply, for convienience for me, the knifemaker. But I still have to shop from different companies spread across Europe, and sometimes I get special items shipped from the USA or Japan. However, some of the places where I often place an order, I have become great friends with, and I don't want to thread on their livelihood.

I am slowly building up an inventory of extra materials and tools, which I will be offering for sale to You, in case you are a knife-enthusiast. I will only sell items I would be interested in using myself, and in most cases I have used that product or one just like it. If you have something special you are looking for, let me know. I want to help out, help which is something I would greatly appriceated when I first started out. " - Be who you needed when you where younger" is something I am as a human also as a company trying to live up to.

Right now, the items are limited as my time to work on these side projects is very limited. But please let me know if there is something knife or craft related I can help you with.


Stay sharp,

Mikkel Hvedegaard