I’ve got a new shop!

New, bigger and better shop

I am moving into a bigger and better shop. Really excited on this new step, even though it is a big step and a lot of extra work... I’ve always had the workshop in my parents basement, but it has now gotten to small for my knife making operation. So I need more space and the option to filter the air for dust, when I am grinding and such.

The new shop is completely empty, so there is a lot of things I need to build before I can move my production out there. But as I have a bunch of knives on order, I need to work on both the knives and building up the new shop, eg. tables, sanding room, add air filter, and much more. So my days are really busy at the moment, and a thousand things go through my head, daily, but I love it and I hope this will lead to lots of new and better knives.

Stay tuned, I will try and write more often here on the blog, even though this is not one of my strong sides. Thank you for reading along, take care!

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