Hunting knife or collectors blade, working on this special knife

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Hunting knife or collectors blade, working on this special knife

What do you think of this knife? Let me know.

It will be up for sale here on my website once I get it done. Send me an email to be notified:

This knife is made in Damasteel Odins eye damascus steel. The handle is stabilized zebrano wood, I got from a knifemaker down in The Netherlands. Also the handle conists of three brass corby screws and a red liner along the tang. 

Handmade hunting knife, damasteel odins eye and stabilized zebrano wood handle scales.

The blade was etched before final assembling of the knife, therefore the knife is also etched along the profile of the blade. Making the steel pattern showing all the way around the knife. 

Stabilized zebrano wood on a very special knife I am making.

The knife will have a leather sheath, once I have made the sheath the knife will be uploaded for sale on my product page. First taker gets it!

Grain structure matched with opposite sides, red liner, stabilized zebrano wood

The front of the knife, can be called the bolster on this knife. Matched the wood grain, stabilized zebrano. Handmade knives is about details and stories

More pictures will be taken, so bear with me here. The pictures shown here are snaps from in the making.