How long is the wait for a handmade knife?

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How long is the wait for a handmade knife?

Right now I need about two months to make a knife for you. That is two months from order till it is ready to slice and dice. But, things are changing. I am going all in as a fulltime knifemaker in my own shop. Once I get to catch up on a few orders I will need about a month, depending on whether or not I have all the materials ready to make your order.

Why does it take two months?

  • I need two months because I have a list for knives to complete. I always work on multiple knives at the same time, but at different stages. I have deadlines every week for knives, that will head out to customers. Every other week I will make at least one knife, and post it for sale here on my website.

Can I pay for a quicker service?

  • No. I complete work by the term, first come first served.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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