Frequently asked questions - top 5

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Frequently asked questions - top 5

Here is the top five questions I get asked.

It might save you some time waiting for a response from me.

How long does it take to make a knife?

  • Right now I need about two months to make a knife. That is two months from order till it is sharp and ready to slice and dice.

What is the price for a custom knife?

  • This is a really tough question. It depends on so many things, but here is a short insight to what the price depends on. 
  • Materials, what handle materials do you want? what type of steel do you want?
  • What kind of sheath are you after, kydex or leather?
  • The design, want me to draw a few sketches for you? I would love to! Let me know the dimensions and what type of knife you have in mind. You can show me pictures as reference for inspiration, but I won’t make a copy of another knife.
  • My prices start at $280 usd (VAT will be added if you live inside the EU)
  • Send me an email to lets talk closer

Do you ship worldwide?

  • Yes I do! I haven’t found a place where I am not able to ship yet, maybe Antarctica or North Korea. But if it is the case I will find a way to get it to you!

What type of knives can you make?

  • Almost anything as long as it is a fixed blade, for hunting, bushcrafting, every day carry, and kitchen knives (I plan to make a few folders in the near future) 

Do you make your own blades?

  • Yes! But, I am not a bladesmith, I don’t forge my blades into shape. I do stock removal. What is stock removal? I buy steel bars, and then grind the blades into shape.
  • I heat treat my blades in my professional heat treating oven imported from the USA.

Incase your question didn’t get covered by these answers send me an email to and I will get back to you as soon a possible.