Thomas in Denmark - Hvedegaard Knives in the Wild

In the Wild -

Thomas in Denmark - Hvedegaard Knives in the Wild

These pictures are all taken by Thomas, and here is his Instagram handle @dk_thomas_outside.

Thomas is a competent outdoor badass. He lives in Denmark and heads to the woods as often as possible. He loves testing out gear, to find that piece of gear that fits his need perfectly.

Here are some of the pictures I have recieved from Thomas.

Hvedegaard Knives in the wild - In denmark, thomasBushcrafter v1 deep in the forest of Denmark


The knife in the pictures, is the Bushcrafter v1. And it is the very first Bushcrafter v1 I ever made. Thomas actually helped inspire me to make this model. And this essentially was what pushed me to make all the knives I make today.

Thank you for everything Thomas, sincerely Mikkel Hvedegaard


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