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What makes a good knife?

What makes a good knife?

What makes a good knife?.. Well there is a lot of guides on the web to select the best knife. But really, what makes a good knife?   A knife has to...
- Made in Denmark - Hvedegaard Knives - Dansk knivmager

Working while taking a break from the shop

Today, I had the day all planned out, but that all changed when I got in the shop. At first the weather was terrible, so I had planned to just stay...

Grinding and handsanding, some more grinding and handsanding

Had an entire week pulled from my schedule, as I caught a flu. Back on my feet, and trying to catch up on the lost hours.  Progress on the big tant...

Sharing tips and tricks on how to maintenance your knife

Tanto, Handmade Knife, Made in Denmark, Hvedegaard Knives

How to keep your Hunting Knife Sharp

How to maintain a sharp edge, without to much trouble.
Bushcrafter, walnut wood, rwl34 steel, made in Denmark, Hvedegaard Knives

How to maintenance your Bushcraft Knife handle

Read how I would service the Handle on a Buschrafter. Wether it is a wooden handle or in micarta, you want to keep the handle in good shape, oiled up, and clean.


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